Digital Radio “The Bug” Makes the ‘A-List’ at MOBO Awards

PURE Digital?s Bug radio, designed in conjunction with Wayne Hemingway, is the must have celebrity gift this season.

Having already featured as the radio of the Mercury Awards ? with 50 Bugs given out to lucky winners of Mercury Award competitions in the UK press ? the Bug is next going to be given to each of the presenters at the Celebrity Awards on Wednesday 29th September (don?t forget to watch it on ITV1).

After that the Bug?s whirlwind celebrity lifestyle will take it to the MOBO Awards at the Royal Albert Hall on September 30th. The top 50 VIPs at the MOBO Awards will each find themselves in possession of a Bug ? with other attendees getting a stylish Bug fashion accessory as part of their place settings.

If you want to get a taste of the celeb lifestyle you can win a MOBO Awards VIP bag featuring the Bug in the latest issue of Glamour (Oct 2004).

For those of a more classical inclination PURE is also sponsoring a category at the Gramophone Awards 2004 ? be sure to register your vote for the Classic FM Listener?s Choice Award, sponsored by PURE Digital. Said Kevin Dale, president, PURE Digital: ?The Bug has been working hard and is fast becoming the must have radio for Christmas ? we?re glad to see the Bug have a few nights on the town to celebrate!?

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