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Online radio request resource doubled in size

A free website that helps radio presenters start request shows has just doubled in size.

RandomRequest.com is designed to kick-start request shows by giving presenters different scenarios why callers want a song. It?s also ideal for helping voice tracked shows sound live.

The site designer, Devaweb’s Chris Stevens, said: “We?ve all been there, you’re doing a request show and the phonelines are dead. All you can think of are the same names that always pop into your head, but RandomRequest.com gives you millions of fresh combinations to get the ball rolling.”

With over four million combinations, it’s very unlikely the same combination will ever appear twice, and many of the ideas have been suggested by radio presenters who love the site.

“Our stats show that some very high profile stations use the site,”says Chris. “Of course it’s not a replacement for actual callers, but hopefully presenters will find it useful when they need a quick bit of inspiration for a link.”

The site can be found at www.randomrequest.com and is free to use.

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