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107.6 Juice FM goes interactive in Liverpool

You know the expression ‘you can have too much of a good thing’? Total rubbish. Too much love? Too much happiness? Too much choice? How could you ever have too much of those things?

And that’s why Liverpool’s More Music Station, 107.6 Juice FM, is proud to announce that it’s got too much interaction.

Juice is now providing a trinity of new interactive services; a dedicated Ticket Line, Polyphonic Ring tones, and an IVR phone system, and if you don’t know what an IVR is, read on.

The Juice FM Ticketline is the result of a deal struck with North West based Piccadilly Ticketline. It allows the Juice audience to buy concert tickets direct from www.juicefm.com, or over the phone. (www.ticketline.co.uk)

With over 18% of all mobile users downloading polyphonic ring tones, (a percentage which is higher within the 18 – 34 Juice target market) Juicepolytones now offers fortnightly refreshed tones from dance, r’nb, and Hit 40 categories through a service provided by RCS Mobile. (www.rcsmobile.co.uk)

Finally, and perhaps best of all, Juice has launched a new Interactive Voice Response phone system straight through to the studio offering the listener a range of choices including Juice Karaoke and Free Radio Juice requests, all created and managed by Liverpool based Crosby Communications. (www.crosby.co.uk)
Juice Programme Director Grainne Landowski says

‘The days where a listener’s interaction with the radio station was limited to calling up the DJ and requesting a song are over. Our new phone service allows the listener greater choice, from putting a request through to the DJ to downloading a Juice mobile phone logo, to joining our VIP club.’

Absolute Radio’s Group Programming and Operations Director Clive Dickens added

It’s about improving customer service, as consumers we expect more and more and consequently the juice listener expect more from their radio station than just playing great music.

So whether they want to buy tickets for concerts or join the VIP club for updates, from now on they need just one number. Plus the IVR system will be able to provide us with valuable data as to where our audience is calling from, the amount of repeat calls, and what types of promotions generate the most interest.

So there you have it; Juice FM – the station with too much.

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