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GMG Radio decide not to apply for new Manchester city-wide licence

After careful consideration Guardian Media Group Radio has decided that it will not submit an application for the new Manchester licence on the grounds that it is not commercially viable.

GMG Radio had proposed to launch the city?s first 24-hour news and talk station ? Channel M Radio – but after considerable research, it does not believe it is possible to launch a commercially viable quality product to serve the smaller than thought transmission area.

Initially it was hoped that the new licence would serve a larger area than the 1.3 million TSA currently advertised.

GMG Radio chief Executive John Myers said: ?We?ve done all the numbers and do not believe it is possible to provide a quality talk station for Manchester whilst still making a commercial return when the potential audience is smaller than we had hoped for. . At GMG we pride ourselves on our programming output, proved by the fact we employ the current Sony Programmer of the Year, and would not want to submit a proposal that cut corners in order to make money and thus did a dis-service to the people of Manchester.?

The group will now turn its full attention to its application for the Solent regional licence that is due to be advertised in the next few weeks.

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