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Ofcom awards new FM licence for Belfast to U105

Ofcom today announces the award of a new
FM local commercial radio licence for Belfast.

By the closing date of 8 December 2004, Ofcom received eleven applications for the Belfast licence. After giving careful consideration to each of the applications submitted, the Ofcom Radio Licensing Committee has decided to award the licence to:

U105, owned by Ulster Television PLC. It will provide a personality-led station aimed primarily at the over 45 age group in Belfast and the surrounding area. It will offer topical speech and music, from the Gold era to the present day, t o an adult population (aged 15+) of around 750,000. However, the exact coverage will be determined by the location of the transmission site and other technical characteristics.

Ofcom expects U105 to begin broadcasting at the earliest opportunity and no later than two years from this award date.

Ofcom will publish a statement setting out the key determining factors for the award of this licence shortly.

The licence will be issued for a twelve year period.

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