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Laser Broadcasting propose new ILR for Hereford

Hereford Local Radio is a brand new independent radio station, backed by Laser Broadcasting Limited, working with the people of Hereford to try to win a permanent radio license for the area. To achieve this they need your help.

They need feedback from the local business community telling them they type of station they believe the area needs. To help get this information Hereford Local Radio are holding an informal buffet lunch meeting at 12.45.pm on Thursday, 26th May 2005 at The Left Bank Village, Hereford for local businesses and interested parties to put forward any questions or ideas.

There is an identifiable lack of choice on the airwaves of Hereford, both for the listener and for local advertisers looking for a cost effective marketing solution. Hereford Local Radio offer an informative and entertaining station for primarily the 25 – 54 year old market, with a mix of local and national news and information plus great music from the last 40 years.

“We are lobbying Ofcom, the radio licensing body to give the area a new local radio station that caters just for the Hereford area. To achieve this we need your help” said Nigel Reeve, Chief Executive Officer of Laser Broadcasting Limited.

“Hereford Local Radio, from the outset, aimed to be the station worth tuning into as well as the one that tunes right back at you, – to your thoughts and to your ideas. We would like to invite you to give us your views and ideas at our informal lunch.” said Cat Griffiths, Project Manager of Hereford Local Radio.

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