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Ofcom publish reasons for awarding Forest of Dean community radio licence

The first community radio licence was awarded on 7 March 2005 to Forest of Dean Community Radio, to broadcast to all those who live, work or study in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire.

With regard to the ?characteristics of service? for community radio (set out below), the Ofcom Radio Licensing Committee (the RLC) was satisfied that Forest of Dean Community Radio fulfilled the requirements set out in the Community Radio Order.

In considering the application with regard to the selection criteria set out in section 105 of the Broadcasting Act 1990 as modified by the Community Radio Order (also set out below), the RLC noted in particular, in relation to section 105(1)(a), that Forest of Dean Community Radio is a well-organised and effective organisation with experience going back some years. The group has identified a range of backers, and has the knowledge, community links and experience to take the project forward successfully.

Forest of Dean Community Radio has demonstrated its ability to cater for the tastes and interests of its target community (section 105(1)(b)) and to provide a service which broadens choice in the area (section 105(1)(c)), and is well supported by the local community (section 105(1)(d)).

In addition, in relation to section 105(1)(e), the RLC considered that Forest of Dean Community Radio satisfactorily demonstrated evidence of a range of appropriate social gain objectives for this rural area. Forest of Dean Community Radio is already well-established within the community it aims to serve, and has procedures in place to ensure that it remains accountable to the community (section 105(1)(f)) and continues to allow access to the station for members of the public (section 105(1)(g)).

Finally, the RLC was satisfied that Forest of Dean Community Radio should be allowed to seek up to 50% of its annual income from the sale of advertising or programme sponsorship if it wishes, in accordance with section 105(6), and that the service would not prejudice unduly the economic viability of any other local service (section 105(3)).

There were no other applications submitted for this area. The service will be licensed on AM (medium wave) for a five-year period.

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