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Solent FM licence attracts 14

Ofcom has received over a dozen applications for the Solent FM commercial radio licence. Eight of the fourteen applications focus on the 40 + age group, with rock format in second place. Most of the major players have applied for the licence, inclusing The Wireless Group, Saga, GMG, SRH, CN, Chrysalis, TLRC and Virgin. New to the industry Celador have also applied.

The full applications for this licence will be published on the Ofcom website shortly.

The full details of all applications are below:

All Talk FM Solent

All Talk FM Solent Ltd., 10 Tillingbourn, Titchfield Common, Fareham, PO14 4PT
Contact: Fred Dinenage. Tel: 01489 580209
Email: fred.dinenage@itv.com
All Talk FM Solent is a 24-hour speech radio station characterised by the excellence of its local, national and international news and information provision for the Solent area as well as lively and entertaining talkback radio.

The Arrow

The Arrow ( Solent ) Ltd., The Chrysalis Building, Bramley Road, London, W10 6SP
Contact: Daniel Owen. Tel: 020 7470 1065
Email : arrowsolent@chrysalis.com
106 The Arrow is Adult Rock Radio for the Solent region?s Baby Boomer generation with classic tracks from the legends of rock mixed with newer quality rock music, plus live music from the region and beyond, and essential regional news and information.


Emmis Atlantic Radio Solent Limited, 8-10 New Fetter Lane, London, EC4A 1RS
Contact: Martin Farmer. Tel: 020 8440 1534
Email : martin.farmer@atlantic-radio.com
A Classic Rock and information station for people aged 35 to 64 in the Solent area, featuring sports talk during the early evening.

The Coast 106

Celador Radio Broadcasting Ltd., 39 Long Acre, London, WC2E 9LG
Contact: Yvette Dore. Tel: 020 7845 6836
Email : ydore@celador.co.uk
A contemporary easy listening station targeted at the 45 plus audience, speech rich in both quality and quantity comprising intelligent presentation, conversation, listener interaction, in-depth news and information.

106 Fun FM!

Children?s Radio UK ( Solent ) Ltd., Maple House, 149 Tottenham Court Road, London, W1T 7NF
Contact: Nigel Birrell. Tel: 020 7554 2500
Email: nbirrell@hitentertainment.com
A radio station for pre-school and primary school children, their families and carers.

Kerrang! 106

Emap Performance Ltd., Mappin House, 4 Winsley Street, London, W1W 8HF
Contact: Steve King. Tel: 020 7182 8656
Email: Steve.King@emap.com
Kerrang! 106 will be a rock station with relevant news, lifestyle and programming features for all rock fans in the Solent area.

Melody 106

Solent Regional Radio Ltd., PO Box 106, Southampton, SO16 7XX
Contact: Sally Oldham. Tel: 0118 932 8093
Email: info@melody.com
Melody 106 will be an easy to listen to station aimed at the 40+ age group, playing melodic music from the last five decades with local news and lifestyle information for listeners in the Solent area.

Original 106 FM

The New Boathouse, 136-142 Bramley Road, London, W10 6SR
Contact: Peter Viner. Tel: 020 7565 6600
Email: p.viner@canwest.com
Adult Alternative Radio: An album-led mix of music from a wide range of credible artists, designed to have particular appeal to adults aged 40-59, with 24-hour local news, quality presentation and significant meaningful speech at peaktimes.

Saga 106 FM

Saga Radio (South) Limited, Saga Radio House, Alder Court, Riverside Business Park, Nottingham, NG2 1RX
Contact: Ron Coles. Tel: 0115 943 5050
Email: ron.coles@saga.co.uk
Melodic, familiar, popular music from the past six decades and today, with news, information and lifestyle oriented speech, primarily targeting listeners in the Solent area aged 50 and over.

Smooth Solent

421 Millbrook Road (West), Southampton, SO15 0HX
Contact: Jeff Stephenson. Tel: 07710 073021
Email: jeff.stephenson@gmgradio.co.uk
Smooth Solent is an easy listening melodic music-led service aimed at the more mature listener, featuring lifestyle-oriented speech including 24 hour local news targeting an audience aged 50 plus in the Solent region.

Solent Life 106 FM

Solent Life Limited, PO Box 969, St George?s Quay, Lancaster, LA1 3LD
Contact: Jon Hewson. Tel: 0845 850 1102
Email: jon.hewson@cngroup.co.uk
A full-service, Solent-focused lifestyle speech, music and information station targeting listeners aged 45 and over.

South Coast Radio

5 Manor Court, Barnes Wallis Road, Segensworth East, Fareham, PO15 5TH
Contact: Martin Ball. Tel: 01489 481057
Email: martin.ball@wave105.com
South Coast Radio will create a fresh, new and engaging radio brand serving the central south coast?s 55 to 70 age group, playing a broad spectrum of music from the past 50 years with an emphasis on tracks categorised as easy listening, supplemented by tracks from the 1950s and 1960s categorised as rock n roll and pop. Regionally focussed speech, guests, news and information will complement the music.

Tide FM

17 Peel Road, Gosport, Hampshire, PO12 1JS
Contact: Andrew McCall. Tel: 023 9250 4938
Email: AndrewMcCallUK@aol.com
A full local service, particularly for listeners over 50, with contemporary and classic music, comprehensive news, local information, discussion and views.

Virgin Classic Rock

Virgin Classic Rock Ltd., 1 Golden Square, London, W1F 9DJ
Contact: Jason Bryant. Tel: 020 7434 1215
Email: jason.bryant@virginradio.co.uk
The south coast?s classic rock radio station, offering a musically distinctive service that reflects the character of the area and significantly extends local listening choice.

Ofcom welcomes the views of the public about the local needs of listeners in this area and the type of service required. Opinions on these issues can either be emailed to commercialradio@ofcom.org.uk or posted to Neil Stock, Head of Radio Planning & Licensing, Ofcom, Riverside House, 2a Southwark Bridge Road, London SE1 9HA. Please mark the envelope ?Solent?.

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