Oneword Cinemascope deal

Mobile phone company Orange continues its association with film by sponsoring Cinemascope, Oneword’s weekly film review show.

Orange is keen to continue the association it has built up with film – started by the “Orange Wednesday” promotion. The deal with Oneword allows Orange to extend its film association to the world of digital radio.

Oneword Radio is a DAB digital radio station dedicated to books, film, plays and comedy. Channel 4 recently acquired a 51% stake-holding in the station, giving the potential for future cross promotion ? an opportunity Orange recognises.

Media Agency Initiative, which brokered the deal, believes both Oneword and Orange will benefit significantly. Head of Radio, Jonathon Barrowman, said, “Orange gets an exclusive ad-free environment in which to develop brand communication, and Oneword gets association with customers of the most dynamic mobile phone brand in the country”.

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