Radio City’s Kev Seed returns

The radio industry forums have been busy trying to work out why Kev Seed suddenly disappeared from the Radio City breakfast show a number of weeks ago. Some suggest he is off to the competition, some report sightings of talking to rival stations.

However this morning at 0822hrs on the Emap station, a statement was read out from Kev Seed which informed listeners he will be back on-air from Monday June 20th.

The statement said the reason for his absence was a mixture of being exhausted from getting up at 4am everyday for 11 years, and some problems in his personal life. This follows allegations in March this year over beating up his then fiancee Emmalene McLoughlin.

Closing the statement, Kev said: “Kev would like to thank his family, close friends and listeners for their support.” Pete Price is currently covering the show after Glen Hunt, who originally covered the show during Kev?s absence, takes time off to get married.

The Liverpool Echo today also report that Kev is receiving treatment at the renowned Priory clinic in London, which is famous for celebrities seeking treatment for drug, alcohol, eating or depression problems.

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