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New community licence for Tameside

Former Commercial Radio Bosses have been granted a Community Radio Licence to serve the people of Tameside.

The successful application sees Kenni James ? the former MD of Forward Media, Simon Walker ? formerly the Station Director of Connect FM and Lite FM and Andy Hoyle ? formerly the breakfast presenter at The Revolution join forces with social entrepreneurs and leading community members in Tameside.

The decision has been met with delight by the directors, staff and the volunteers that make up TCR. Serving the community of Tameside, the broadcasting philosophy of the station is to create a unique sound that will engage the community whilst utilising people with skills that are underused in mainstream radio services.

Simon Walker, Managing Director of Tameside Community Radio said ?There is a clear gap in the market for a truly local radio station in this area. This is a new kind of radio, as well as playing great music, the task is to really connect with people of Tameside and give residents who would otherwise not have a voice on commercial radio or the BBC that opportunity. The team are delighted with the decision.?

The station is expected to be on air in early 2006, additional information on the station and it?s application for the licence can be obtained from the website www.tcrfm.com.

Tameside Community Radio Limited is a company limited by guarantee that is non-profit distributive. The Company?s Memorandum and Articles of Association have been drawn from the objects of media and community registered charities. It is a community and social enterprise.

The Directors of Tameside Community Radio are a team of media professionals, social entrepreneurs and community members. The social entrepreneurs represent excellence in social enterprise in Tameside and include Housing, Marketing and Public Service amongst their vast experience. The media professionals have over 30 years experience of radio between them.

The Directors knowledge base includes senior management experience in local radio from commercial, BBC, international radio and community radio. A training ethos that has delivered award-winning broadcasters. A fundamental belief in local radio as an effective communication and community cohesion tool.

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