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Priceless ?5 hoax by Juice FM

Remember the little old lady giving away ?5 notes on the streets of Liverpool?

107.6 Juice FM certainly do, as they hired the grandmother to promote their upcoming Reddies giveaway. Not only did the Liverpool Echo run the story on the front page, but Radio City covered the bizarre act in its news bulletins.

This has got to be one of the best promotions any radio station has done to catch the headlines on the competition. Juice FM boasted: “The story caused a sensation, and was instantly picked up by the national media. This is the biggest stunt we’ve ever pulled off at Juice FM.”

Did you talk about it on your radio show? Consider yourself Juiced!

Monday Update: Juice FM publically apologised this morning for the terrible act of giving away money on the streets, after Rosemary Cooper, the Labour MP for West Lancashire said she was ‘disgusted’ with the act.

Click here to hear Juice FM boasting about it. (MP3 file).

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