Radio Clyde is the only 1

The latest audience figures are published today and Radio Clyde is number one again with an increased market share of 24% and total weekly hours going up by over 200,000, widening the gap on its commercial competitors.

The West of Scotland’s biggest station is once again Clyde 1 with an increased market share of 16.3% of listening and George Bowie, the King of Breakfast Radio has increased his audience to 341,000.

Clyde 2 with 285,000 listeners has a bigger weekly audience than Beat 106* and Saga 105.2 and its audience is listening longer.

Radio Clyde dominates the commercial radio market with a bigger market share than it?s 2 nearest commercial competitors combined.

Radio Clyde?s Managing Director, Paul Cooney said,

??We have widened the gap on our commercial radio rivals and of course we are well ahead of BBC Radio.

It?s a tough market and we are working hard to provide the very best blend of music, news, sport, traffic and travel with our great personalities on both Clyde 1 and Clyde 2.??.

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