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Former Radio Shropshire editor dies

Tony Fish, a former Editor of BBC Radio Shropshire, has died suddenly at the age of 54. Tony worked for the BBC for 32 years and retired in 2002.

Despite his strong family ties with the North East, Tony spent his first 30 years in Surrey.

His first BBC job was as a Technical Operator and this was followed by two years as a Radio 1 producer and five years as a presenter at BBC Radio London.

After two years as a tutor for BBC Radio Training, he joined BBC Radio York as the station’s first Programme Organiser in 1982.

In 1988 he took over as Station Manager at BBC Radio Newcastle and moved to Radio Shropshire as Managing Editor in April 1999.

Andy Griffee, Controller, BBC English Regions, says: “Tony was a talented and warm hearted manager with a deep-seated love of radio.

“He brought his own brand of cheerfulness and generosity to everything he did.

“Generations of radio presenters and staff owe their careers to Tony and he will be mourned in every corner of radio land.”

David Holdsworth, BBC West Midlands Head of Regional & Local Programmes, adds: “Tony was full of fun and enthusiasm. He had hundreds of friends in local broadcasting and will be hugely missed.

“Everyone at Radio Shropshire in particular is deeply shocked at this news.”

Tim Pemberton, Editor, Radio Shropshire, says: “When I took over as editor, it was immediately clear to me that Tony had made his mark at Shropshire.

“People have always said that it’s ‘a happy station’ and a large part of that is down to Tony.

“He was experienced, professional and full of fun. He will be sorely missed.”

Tony passed away yesterday (21 November 2005) and is survived by his partner Lorna and his daughters, Jo and Sarah.

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