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Radio caller dies live on-air

A caller, known only as Terry, who was taking part in a phone-in on Emap station Magic 1548 in Liverpool has died whilst on the phone when the line suddenly went silent.

Pete Price who was hosting his regular Phone-In when it happened, abandoned the show and raced around the the man’s house.

Pete Price said: “It was awful, when I got there the ambulance was already outside his house. Apparently he was found in his chair with the phone by his side. I was flabbergasted.

Terry was a regular caller to the show and I knew something was wrong when the line went silent, I just had a gut instinct.

He told me before the show that he was looking forward to taking part in the phone-in so I’m just glad he died doing something he enjoyed. We all heard his last words.”

Hear the audio of the event here.

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