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Complaint for Kix 96.2FM

In the latest Ofcom Broadcast Bulletin released today it contains a complaint made to Kix 96.2FM about part of the station’s breakfast show on December 21st 2005.

The breakfast presenter made a number of references, intended to be humorous, between 08:00 and 09:00 to the civil ceremony taking place that day between Elton John and David Furnish. They included references to being ?taken up the aisle? and playing on the word ?fairies?.

A listener complained that these remarks were offensive and inappropriate in a breakfast show.

The station said that the presenter was embarrassed that his remarks may have caused offence, albeit that he was in the main repeating comments made elsewhere in the media.

The station apologised for any offence caused, and said it had now reviewed its criteria in respect of broadcast content, particularly in the breakfast show, putting in place procedures to ensure such content would not be broadcast again.

Ofcom welcomed the station’s assurances and apology and consider the matter to be resolved – not taking the complaint any further.

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