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CRCA and RAB to merge

The Commercial Radio industry today announces that it has agreed to create a single industry body with a common vision for the Commercial Radio sector.

The new body will be based at the Radio Centre at 77 Shaftesbury Avenue. It will be funded by the Commercial Radio industry and will be charged with driving revenue and audience enhancing projects. It will support advertisers, marketing the medium to them via the maintenance of the valued RAB advertiser and agency service and represent the interests of the sector to external organisations including Ofcom.

As well as embracing CRCA and RAB responsibilities, the new body will also incorporate the activities of the RACC, JICRIT and HIT40UK. It will benefit from shared central services including public relations, finance, technology and external affairs.

Commenting on the announcement, CRCA Chief Executive Paul Brown said:

“There are considerable challenges for Commercial Radio and recent consolidation has changed the shape of the industry. The aim of creating a single Commercial Radio industry body is to pull our industry back into growth and to strengthen the position of all of its members with external organisations.?

RAB Chief Executive Douglas McArthur said:

“Radio is firmly at the centre of media convergence. A new cohesive and forward looking industry body should deliver a more valuable joined-up service to the advertising business in this digital future.

This move is positive for advertisers in that it moves the RAB team closer to core decision-makers in Commercial Radio policy and programming.?

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