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Emap stations up for award

Three out of the five nominated shortlist for Best Radio Station in the Music Week Awards 2006 – are Emap Stations. Clyde 1, Kerrang! 105.2 and Radio City 96.7 along with The Beach and BBC Radio 2 are in the shortlist.

The winner will be announced at the event on March 2nd 2006. The Music Week Awards celebrate the achievements of companies and individuals working in the UK music industry over the past year. From A&R all the way through to retail, the Awards celebrate success and innovation throughout the business – and are also the industry’s biggest party of the year.

Judges were asked to assess each entry on the following criteria:

Quality of content – including depth of content, any innovative programming ideas, frequency of content reviews, Quality of marketing – including branding of station, presentation of key DJs and efforts made to broaden the listenership and overall commercial success of the station

Overall the judges were looking for stations which demonstrate genuine creativity and ingenuity in reaching their target audience and clearly achieve their objectives in terms of their music policy.

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