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Great debut for Fox on Magic

Neil Fox has made an impressive debut with his first Rajar on Magic 105.4?s More Music Breakfast Show.

Every week, 682,000 listeners chose the classier way to wake-up in the morning by tuning in to Neil?s new show. This was a 6 per cent rise on the quarter.

In the competitive London marketplace, Magic 105.4 showed growth on the year with a 5 per cent rise in reach to 1.67 million listeners a week. Across the UK, 2.89 million people now listen to Magic via analogue and digital.

The Bam Bam Breakfast on Kiss 100 also had an impressive three months, with a 35 per cent increase in reach. Some 178,000 new listeners tuned into Bam Bam?s show, taking his reach to 683,000.

Growth continued across Kiss 100 with more people listening for longer to London?s number one commercial station for 15-34?s. The station?s mix of dance and urban music attracts 1.43 million listeners a week, a 5 per cent rise on the quarter. Across the UK, listening on FM and digital, Kiss has 2.3 million listeners.

Guitar music fans in the West Midlands helped Kerrang! 105.2 achieve a record set of figures with highest ever reach and highest ever hours. Every week 354,000 listeners tune in which is a 10.6 per cent rise on the quarter and an 18.4 per cent rise on the year.

Kerrang! 105.2 is part of the national Kerrang! Network which spans the UK attracting 1.15 million listeners nationwide.

Emap?s national digital only stations showed growth in numbers of listeners across the year, although some were down slightly on last quarter?s record figures.

One of the best performers was Heat, which saw an 80 per cent rise in reach on the year with 234,000 listeners a week, and an impressive 37 per cent increase in hours both on the quarter and over the last 12 months.

Emap?s biggest digital-only stations continue to dominant the marketplace. The Hits attracted 875,000 listeners, a 6 per cent rise on the year, and Smash Hits attracted 722,000, a 1.0 per cent rise on the year with their chart and contemporary hits.

Overall, Emap?s local radio stations saw growth in the numbers of people listening.

Star performers included Key 103 in Manchester, with a reach of 597,000, a 9.2 per cent year-on-year rise; Clyde 1 in Glasgow with a 1.4 per cent rise on the quarter with 588,000 listeners; Radio City in Liverpool with 507,000 listeners, growth of 6.5 per cent on the quarter; Rock FM in Preston with 317,000 listeners, a rise of 3.6 per cent on the quarter; Forth One, which saw a 5.2 per cent rise in reach to 302,000 listeners and Viking FM which saw a growth in reach of 9% this quarter.

Dee Ford, Group MD of Emap Radio, said: ?Emap?s Radio strategy of investing in local markets continues to pay dividends.

?And in London, the most competitive of marketplaces, it is great to see how quickly Neil Fox has been welcomed by growing numbers of Magic listeners.?

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