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Ofcom explains Shrewsbury award

Ofcom have explained why they awarded the local commercial radio licence for Shrewsbury to Shrewsbury FM.

Most new local licences have been awarded to applicants with connections to nearby services. This was also the case with this licence award. The RLC felt that the backing of MNA Broadcasting gives Shrewsbury FM a strong degree of financial stability, coupled with experience of operating smaller stations in similar markets nearby

The realism of the group?s financial projections, coupled with the strength and local knowledge of its board, meant that Shrewsbury FM was considered to be best able to provide a service for Shrewsbury and Oswestry.

The licence attracted four bids in total. They were:

Shrewsbury Radio Limited (Extra FM)
Radio Shrewsbury Limited
Shrewsbury & Oswestry FM Limited (Shrewsbury FM)
Shrewsbury Local Radio Limited

Read the full report from Ofcom by clicking here.

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