Radio Clyde 261 is back!

Radio Clyde 261 T-shirts have become a retro hit across the world thanks to rock legend Frank Zappa. Music fans from Europe to Los Angeles have been buying the replica vintage T-shirts once worn by the legend during a concert in Glasgow in 1980.

Zappa asked for one of the distinctive t-shirts after visiting Radio Clyde in 1980 for an interview with then Programme director, Andy Park. Zappa was proud to wear the T-shirt as Radio Clyde were supporting him by playing his music.

Billy Sloan, of Clyde 1 (Sunday 7pm-10pm) and the Sunday Mail, featured the Zappa t-shirts in yesterdays paper and there was also a large feature which ran in today’s Daily Mail.

The vintage Radio Clyde 261 t shirts which are selling along with John Lennon’s ‘You are here’ shirts like hot cakes in LA and are this season’s ‘must have’………

”Andy Park,the former Programme Director at Radio Clyde in Scotland claims not only did he design the logo for the station but actually gave the t shirt to Frank Zappa when he was there for an interview in 1980.

He also got to sit in on Zappa auditioning bass players in his LA-based rehearsal space.

Park recollects: ”Frank was sat on this high stool, while, I was sitting on this armchair. The bassists had to perform the bass line from Frank’s songs, which is difficult enough ! Most got about 2 bars in before Frank would stop them and tell them they’d got it wrong. They got a few shots, but it wasn’t the easiest environment to rehearse”.

Maybe Frank wore the Radio Clyde t shirt because they played his music. If so, they were part of the few and the brave among the many who took themselves way too seriously”

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