Radio Clyde adds 25000 listeners

The latest quarterly audience figures show that Radio Clyde has added 25,000 new listeners with a total of 721,000 adults now tuning in every week.

Clyde 1 is the biggest station in the west reaching an audience of 588,000 each week and that?s 165,000 more than its nearest rival.

Clyde 2?s reach has increased from 16% to 17% and its market share is up from 7.7% to 8.3%. The station has added 31,000 new listeners and now has a total audience of 316,000.

Radio Clyde with a total market share of 23.3% continues to lead the radio market with a bigger market share than it?s 2 nearest commercial competitors combined.

Radio Clyde?s Managing Director, Paul Cooney said,

?We?re pleased to welcome 25,000 new listeners to Radio Clyde and, looking at the figures overall, it?s clear that commercial radio in Scotland is winning the battle with the BBC and this is good news for listeners, advertisers and sponsors.?

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