Radio Jackie’s Finesse stream

Hi-Fi enthusiasts, audio purists and record producers will be excited by the latest internet streaming innovation from 107.8 Radio Jackie, The Sound Of South West London.

The station has now added a Finesse stream, which preserves the studio output quality even more faithfully.

Radio Jackie already has a range of superior quality advanced MP4 AAC+ streams and the new Finesse stream will appeal to those who want to experience the full dynamic range of the music.

Radio stations process their audio to improve the sound clarity for listeners in cars and noisy work or home environments. If you have large loudspeakers or are in a quiet room you may prefer to hear music as the producer intended. This world first, Jackie’s Finesse stream, provides exactly that.

The name Finesse was chosen to describe this new type of streaming for its meaning of distinction, refinement, grace and delicacy of performance.

For Jackie Finesse, just click Listen Now at

107.8 Radio Jackie is licensed by Ofcom and broadcasts live 24 hours a day to South West London and North Surrey.

Radio Jackie engineering is by Trevor Brook and streaming is provided by

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