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Saga Radio Digital Closes

Saga Radio (Digital) closed on 7 February 2006.

The service which was available on DAB in London and other areas is operated from the same premises as PrimeTime Radio in London.

PrimeTime is on the verge of closure, because it has not found a backer, and is currently to close on 14 May when the current contract with Digital 1 expires.

Saga Radio (Digital) was to be sold back to Saga Radio Group, who own the three Saga VHF licences in Birmingham, Nottingham and Glasgow. The original owner of PrimeTime also owned all the saga stations, and Saga Radio sold PrimeTime and Saga Radio (Digital) to the original owner, who announced before Christmas that he was pulling out of radio.

For the time being, a service called “M.O.R. Music”, (pronounced “More Music”) is being broadcast on the channel which used to be Saga Radio (Digital). It contains continuous music of the last 6 decades and today, with news from IRN each hour, and occcasional announcements by David Hamilton, announcing

“The radio station formerly on this channel has ceased operation. For the time being, continuous music of the last 6 decades and today, with news on the hour will continue. This is M.O.R. Music”.

It is not clear how long this service will continue.

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