Commercial Radio to unite again

The Commercial Radio Network across the UK are joining forces once again to create UK Music Week.

Similar to previous network events such as UK Radio Aid and Live 8, UK Music Week will group stations together within their musical genres and play out interviews, live and exclusive tracks from the best of British artists established and current across the whole week.

Listeners will also be asked to vote for their favourite all time artist which will contribute to the national chart of the most popular UK artists of all time? The UK Music Week Chart.

The idea is to ‘create high profile programming running across the Commercial Radio Network and to promote the best of UK music and creating a new grass roots initiative to encourage the development of the next generation of UK talent’.

UK Music Week will take place from April 24th to May 1st, followed by the New Music Initiative, a platform to promote local and unsigned talent and will finish in the summer with a New Music Week for a week of programming based around the newest British music.

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