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Dinky Doo it’s Scottie on Q

Every now and then we get a press release sent to us which should be published unedited. We have received this annonymous statement informing us that Scottish radio legend(?) Scottie McClue, owner and founder of McClues Pies will be starting a new show this Sunday on UTV-owned station Q96.

In a style not to dis-similar from Scottie McClue himself, we have the following to say: In a phenomenally smart move by the senior management team at Scottish radio station Q96, Scottie McClue, widely regarded as Scotland?s Prodigal Son, The Darling of The People and The Scourge of The Numpty-Heid, makes a spectacular return to the Scottish airwaves.

The word is out on the street, good news travels fast and the nation needs to know. Scotland has It?s own radio phone-in again. Widely regarded by the citizens of Scotland as the biggest event since the Birth of the haggis.

McClue will be broadcasting his incredibly successful programme ?Scottie McClue?s Mega-Phone In? on Q96 on 96.3FM and globally on the world wide web at, www.q96.net initially for two hours nightly, from nine-eleven o’clock five nights a week from Sunday to Thursday from 12th March giving the people of Scotland a voice again and enabling them to address their ain folk. A spokesperson for the senior management team largely credited with bringing McClue home to the people and getting the radio phone-in back to Scotland the land of it?s birth, said; ?This is a momentous decision in Scottish radio and an important signing for us in terms of strengthening the position of Q96 in the Scottish marketplace and in the face of increased competition from other less established broadcasters?

Scottie McClue is an absolute radio phenomenon, a living legend with a unique broadcasting style much beloved of the people of the West of Scotland and we are very pleased to be reuniting him with his audience and to be bringing him home to Scotland Scottie McClue said, ?Tell the nation to tune to Q now and listen up big style in the evenings at nine o? clock SHARP, from the 12th of March onwards, This includes the numpty heids as well and everyone will hear something to their advantage? ?Dinky-Doo?.

Some things never change then, hey Colin?

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