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U-turn for GCap Media

GCap Media have announced that following discussions with its regulator Ofcom, in relation to consultation document proposals, it has decided not to proceed with a Judicial Review in connection with the advertising of a second national digital radio multiplex.

Under the previous regulator, the Radio Authority, the existing national multiplex had been awarded to Digital One (63% owned by GCap) which had been announced by the Authority as the first and only national licence.

The GCap Board now considers that the regulator?s proposal is to broaden lasting consumer choice and to create an environment for complementary digital radio services to those currently broadcasting on Digital One, now and in the future.

GCap Media will be actively participating in applying for the second licence as part of an industry consortium. Commenting, GCap Chief Executive Ralph Bernard said:

?We have been in the vanguard of digital radio development in the UK since the beginning and as sales of DAB sets reach the 3 million mark, we are confident that the next phase of development is intended to truly broaden choice for listeners. We look forward to helping to create new and complementary national services and believe that at GCap and Digital One we have the best DAB track record to deliver them.?

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