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Virgin to offer mobile Podcasts

Virgin Radio are taking the latest trend of Podcasting to a new level – by making them available on Nokia mobile phones.

If Virgin listeners want to hear the station via their Nokia handsets they will need to download special software from a company called Spodmedia, but once they have, they will have access to all of Virgin’s podcasts along with the ability to tune in to Virgin live via GPRS.

James Cridland, director of digital media, Virgin Radio, said: “Podcasting is one of the hottest developments in radio, and we’ve just raised the bar even higher with this innovation. By bringing ‘mobcasts’ to radio fans wherever they are in the country, we’re making our medium more accessible and will be able to command even greater audience figures. No one else is giving consumers this control over radio content and we’re proud to be setting the standard for digital radio firsts.”

Mikko Linnam?ki from Spodradio, said: “Being a perfect digital distribution channel for music, Spodradio is the first central interface between radio stations, handset manufacturers, record labels, network operators and users. It will significantly drive the sales of UMTS phones and UMTS data rates of mobile network operators.”

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