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Leaked BBC salary details

More salary information has been leaked in the last 24 hours, this time it’s the turn of BBC Radio 2. Apparently breakfast host Sir Terry Wogan is on a top wage of ?800,000 – followed by Chris Evans who is being paid ?540,000 to take over Johnny Walker’s Drivetime from this afternoon.

It has also been reported that Jonathan Ross receives ?530,000 for his three-hour Saturday show which includes his Friday night TV show. Fellow R2 presenter Steve Wright earns ?440,000 and Michael Parkinson ?115,000. The Sun earlier revealed Radio 1 wages, with Chris Moyles top earner on ?630,000 a year.

Steve Wright earns ?440,000 for five three-hour shows a week whilst Ken Bruce earns ?194,000 and Mark Radcliffe earns ?197,000 for his nightly show.

Overnight host Janice Long makes nearly ?137,000 for presenting the graveyard shift from 12am till 3am five nights a week.

A Beeb insider told mirror.co.uk: “The range in the amounts paid to the DJs is astonishing. Obviously, Wogan should get the most. He’s on five days a week and gets the biggest audience so it stands to reason.

“When you consider he gets 10p per listener it seems very good value for money. But Jonathan Ross does very well indeed considering he’s only on for three hours a week compared to Wogan’s 10. The pay scales don’t seem particularly fair.”

Last week The Sun reported that Radio 1 host Chris Moyles is on a massive ?630,000 a year.

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