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New station for Cambridge

Cambridge was just one of the locations which received a new community radio licence award last week from Ofcom.

209 Radio exist to provide support and training for the local community in Cambridge to make relevant programmes, gaining skills and as they say on their website – to make friends along the way.

Commenting on the recent award, 209 Radio have this to say: “2006 has already been a fantastic year for us: an immensely successful 10 day FM broadcast in February, nomination for a New Statesman New Media award for the 2nd year running and a move into new custom-built radio premises in the heart of the city. Now after a long wait, the efforts of hundreds of people and countless organisations, we have arrived!”

“We are a community development organisation who happen to use radio broadcasting as our primary tool. We exist to provide support and training for our community to make programmes relevant to them, gaining skills and making friends along the way.”

“Our main priorities are People, Music and The Arts and providing access to the media for those who may find it difficult to get their voices heard sometimes. We are going to be doing this in a beautiful, vibrant and sometimes complex city; long may we do so!”

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