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Southend licence award explained

Ofcom have today published details of the reason why the recent licence award in Southend was won by Southend Radio.

The RLC felt that the combined backing of Stockvale Limited and Provincial Radio Limited gives Southend Radio a strong degree of financial stability, and appropriate experience of operating small stations in similar markets nearby. The involvement of Provincial Radio Limited (which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tindle Radio) would give Southend Radio the opportunity to offer a combined advertising sell, which would be likely to place the new service in a much stronger financial position in relation to the heritage station Essex FM than might otherwise be the case.

The group?s board offers strong radio and management experience, as well as an understanding of the local area; the RLC considered that these characteristics enhanced the ability of Southend Radio to maintain its proposed service.

Ofcom were also happy with Southend Radio?s programming proposals which contained a suitable proportion of local material and locally-made programmes for this licence area.

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