3m Digital Radio sets sold

The Digital Radio Development Bureau have confirmed that sales of DAB digital radio sets in the UK have topped three million. Figures supplied by industry tracking body GfK, show that the three million landmark was reached at the end of March, with 3.053 million cumulative sales reported.

DRDB chief executive, Ian Dickens, says the radio industry is delighted by the numbers: ?It took five years for DAB set sales to reach the first million; it took just nine months to reach the second million, and five months to top three million.?

? More than 11% of the population now lives in a DAB household (Rajar Q4/05)
? 20% of DAB owners have already purchased their second or even third radio (DRDB owners? survey)
? 14% of all radio sets sold are now DAB (GfK, March 06)
? Over one fifth (21%) of the money spent on radio sets is on DAB products (GfK, March 06)
? The analogue market is down year-on-year in terms of both volume and value, while DAB continues to show strong growth (up 57% volume and 48% value, GfK year ending March 06)
? More than 30 million adults (60%) are DAB aware (Ipsos MORI)
? DAB listeners consume 16% more radio than the average radio listener (Rajar Q4/05)

The DRDB forecasts two million DAB digital radios could be sold in the 12 months to December 2006, putting cumulative sales at 4.7 million by the end of the year. The industry expects a significant uptake of DAB radios during the FIFA World Cup and throughout the summer, especially hand-held devices, with sport being a key driver to purchase.

Convergence of form factors is also proving popular with consumers as the first DAB/MP3 products enter the market this year. And the first DAB enabled mobile phones will appear this summer, with BT Movio broadcasting digital television and radio services on the Virgin Mobile network.

Says Dickens: ?We are starting to see DAB digital radio sales overtake analogue in some categories, particularly the portable/kitchen radio market. The average age of DAB set owners is now below the national average, the male/female split is closing, and repeat purchase is on the increase. DAB digital radio is enjoying healthy growth and moving swiftly toward mass market status.?

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