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BBC Presenter buys Wayne Rooney

Had it not been for BBC WM’s Danny Kelly, Wayne Rooney might not have even seen the World Cup finals. The pig named Wayne Rooney broke its foot on the same day as the England ace Wayne Rooney.

The pig’s life expectancy was only three months and it would have been sent to the abattoir before the end of the tournament. Birmingham-based presenter Danny Kelly interviewed farmer James Wainhouse – from St Leonards Farm Park, Esholt, near Bradford – live on air.

Danny says: “‘When he told me that the pig was going to be slaughtered and wouldn’t be alive during the World Cup final, I decided to buy the pig out of my own money.

“At first he told me the pig was worth ?50 and wouldn’t sell it to me, so I doubled my offer and he accepted.’ A local sanctuary will give Wayne Rooney a new home and Danny will be sorting out a livestock carrier to travel to Yorkshire and bring back the pig.

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