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JK & Joel close in on Hirsty

hit40uk continues to be the UK?s biggest Sunday afternoon chart show, after the results of the last RAJAR audience survey were revealed earlier today. However, the lead over Radio 1’s audience figures has been reduced to a mere 141,000 4+ listeners within the national TSA. The latest quarter has proved to be challenging for hit40uk with audience loss particularly amongst 4-14 year olds, an age group which Rajar historically produces volatile results. Taking 4-14 year olds out of the mix, both hit40uk and Radio 1?s chart show have seen very similar losses.

The full figures for 4+, 15+, 15-24, 15-34:
hit40uk 1,971,000 (-258) 1,513,000(-110) 452,000 (-25) 752,000 (-66)
Radio1 1,830,000(-88) 1,488,000 (-101) 585,000(-31) 977,000 (-69)

Figures in brackets are changes against previous wave.

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