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Revolution for Jono Coleman

Production company Blue Revolution has entered in to an agreement with Australia’s mcm entertainment to provide London-based studio facilities for mcm’s weekly syndicated show ‘My Generation’.

The show is hosted by Jono Coleman and is broadcast on over 100 radio stations across Australia and highlights the music and events of a particular year, together with archive interviews from the mcm library.

Scott Stewart, PD of mcm entertainment commented: “My Generation consistently wins it’s timeslots to be Number 1 in Australian radio surveys. Our agreement with Blue Revolution to provide studio facilities will mean that millions of Aussies can continue to enjoy Jono’s talents each week.”

Paul Hollins, Blue Revolution’s Managing Director said: “It’s great to be working together with Scott, Jono and the team at mcm. This deal means that Blue Revolution is now providing audio for the UK, European, US and Australian markets.”

“Being on the air in Australia while sitting in a studio in London seems a little bizarre, but it means I get the best of both worlds. Or rather, the best of both sides of the world!” said Jono.

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