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The future of Laser

Laser Broadcasting have recently announced the purchase of two new stations: Classic Hits in Hereford and Worcester and Ludlow’s Sunshine 855.

Over the past number of years, the company have devoted their attentions towards winning new local radio licences up and down the country – from Hull to Northallerton, and from Torbay to Chorley – with in most cases the ‘Local Radio’ format, a full service proposal.

The group also trialled ‘The Rock 102.1’ in Swansea, which conducted an RSL, but eventually ‘Swansea Local Radio’ was again the proposal for the Swansea FM ILR2 licence.

Laser also have a shareholding in Fresh Radio, a local station broadcasting on AM across the Yorkshire Dales, making Classic Hits and Sunshine 855 only the second and third full-time stations in the group’s portfolio.

Laser Broadcasting’s Chief Executive, Nigel Reeve, commented on the purchase of the two new stations by saying, “Not only do the stations have tremendous potential in their own right but they also tie-in with our Exeter, South Oxfordshire and planned South Wales licence bids.

“We are also delighted that Muff and Ginny Murfin have chosen to become a shareholders in Laser Broadcasting, further developing our shareholder base.”

Muff Murfin is delighted with the arrangement, “We are all looking forward to working with Laser. Both stations have built a strong local product at a time when the localness seems to be going out of local stations. Like many smaller stations getting a well-organised and proactive local sales set-up has been the biggest problem. This is exactly what Laser can bring to the marriage. This is exciting for all of us.”

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