Another digital radio Bug

PURE Digital has launched The Bug too – based on the original design which launched just a couple of years ago. The shape remains the same but the new model comes in a new titanium silver finish.

The Bug was the first DAB radio to get features such as MP3 playback, record to SD card, and ReVu, which lets users pause & rewind live radio. Bug too adds all the DAB digital radio toys, including electronic programme guide (EPG) and textSCAN, alongside new MP3 hi-fi options which enable MP3 folder navigation and let users wake up to their favourite MP3 or recording.

Bug too is compatible with EPG broadcasts which enable users to browse the programmes on a single station or all programmes at a particular time, see a short description of each programme, and select them for scheduled listening or recording to SD memory card. With EPG Bug too users get access to PVR/SKY+ style functionality which radically changes the ease of scheduling and recording their radio listening.

With PURE’s ReVu technology Bug too owners can pause and rewind live DAB digital radio. And Bug too enables users to record multiple tracks or complete radio programmes to SD-card.

Timer recording of specific programmes can be enabled in EPG by a single press of the ‘Record’ key when on the highlighted programme. Users can listen to shows they’ve recorded later on the Bug too itself, transfer the recordings to a PC via USB or card reader, or take their shows out and about using a compatible device.

textSCAN lets listeners pause and control DAB scrolling text, giving them time to note down web addresses, competition phone numbers or song titles.

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