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No more Primetime

Primetime Radio has reached the end of its broadcasting life. Tonight from midnight the station will be no more. Transmissions on the national DAB platform, Digital One ceased on May 15th, and was removed from the Northern Ireland Score multiplex yesterday.

Now a message on the Sky EPG and station website states that from midnight, the station will also cease on Satellite (along with NTL Cable and London DAB) as staff contracts expired at the end of May. The website message also thanks loyal listeners who have been with the station over the last six years.

Since around 13 May, there has been no-one answering the phone at the premises in London. A recorded message was put on stating it would cease nationally on DAB Digital Radio but would continue on Sky Digital 0132, NTL cable 872 and online. However, it soon became apparent that there were still no live programmes on the station after the “re-launch” two weeks ago.

Keep an eye on the downloads section of this site for audio from the closedown.

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