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World Cup fever on RTI

Radio Tatras International, the pan-European English/Slovak radio station, is inviting its audience to vote for it?s all time world cup favourite track with the results being broadcast 30 June, 2006.

The Special RTI WORLD CUP TOP CHART will be broadcast at 12.00CET, 11.00UK time, on 30 June 2006 and will be hosted by Vlado and Natalia.

Eric Wiltsher, Director RTI said, ?World Cup football fever has taken the world by storm. ?Larry London, the host of Border Crossings, has even got the football bug with his listeners, from Japan to Africa, all supporting their own teams ON AIR! ?Fiona has been doing a range of on-air duets, I use the term loosely, when playing all the football songs and people want more. ?So we will be airing the peoples World Cup Top Chart and then we will see which artist gets the RTI football trophy ? personally, I?ll be voting for the Crazy Frog. ?I should warn listeners that this is purely a fun music show as the football knowledge Natalia and Vlado have could be written on the back of a postage stamp.?

Votes for the World Cup Top Chart should be sent to topchart@rti.fm and should arrive at the station no later than 29 June.

The final results ? the RTI WORLD CUP TOP CHART will be posted on the RTI web site at www.rti.fm on 30 June directly after the show which ends at 2.00pm CET.

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