Local group KCFM win Hull licence

Local radio group KCFM have won the battle for the new FM commercial radio station for Kingston-upon-Hull. Ofcom received seven applications in total including submissions from UTV Radio, TLRC, Lincs FM and CanWest.

The owners of KCFM 99.9 are SMC Ltd (29%) with the reminder of the shares held by six individuals. It will provide ‘a truly local, full service radio station
for Kingston-upon-Hull playing a wide variety of classic hit music from the last four decades, with 24 hour-a-day local news, sport, information, interviews and entertaining features of particular relevance to the City and the surrounding area’.

The licence is for a service to cover Kingston-upon-Hull which has an adult population (aged 15+) of between 400,000 and 430,000. However, the exact coverage will be determined by the location of the transmission site and other technical characteristics. The proposed frequency (99.9 MHz) is subject to international agreement on radio spectrum usage.

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