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Ofcom criticises 3TR FM

Radio regulator Ofcom has published its content sampling report on the output of The Local Radio Company’s Warminster-based 3TR FM from the 10th, 11th and 13th of May 2006.

The report was critical of the station’s commitment to local content, noting that “presenter links were largely taken from newspaper stories/trivia, entertainment and showbiz news; such as ‘Soapwatch’, where audio of particular scenes from the previous nights? chosen soap opera were played out and ‘Celebwatch'”. However, it was more charitable towards the ‘Town and Out’ local events guide, stating that it “covered a range of activities assumed to be in the locale … as well as those more instantly identifiable as being local.”

The local focus, consistency and clarity of news output was also deemed to be a weakness.

One of Ofcom’s most serious criticisms of the station was its lack of output geared towards the local armed services community, a licence requirement.

The report can be viewed in full here.

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