3 hits a magic number

People listen longer to 3FM than any other FM commercial radio station in the whole of the UK, that's 15.1 average hours per week.

The latest industry listening figures prove that 3FM has become the 2nd most listened to radio station on the Isle of Man and the station of choice for 25-44 year olds.

Data released by RAJAR, the joint BBC and commercial radio industry research, has revealed that 3FM has more listeners on the Island than any of the national BBC radio stations and Classic FM. In fact only Manx Radio still has more listeners.

The radio station launched in October 2004 and has had to wait until now to confirm its place in the market. Max Hailey, 3FM's Managing Director said "It?s just a fantastic result. We?re the number one station in our target market. We would like to be the number one overall but acknowledge that Manx Radio has a 40-year head start and is going to take a while to overhaul. Our more music and less talk format has proved be to a huge hit with listeners and advertisers".

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