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Channel 103 to cease broadcasting

Tindle-owned Jersey station Channel 103 is to close down on Sunday 3rd September this year – making way for The All New Channel 103 which launches the next day.

The brand new radio station will be the only one in Jersey to be live and local from 5am, with a brand new Early Breakfast Club presented by Katy Ringsdore. She will then join Peter Mac for a shorter, sharper All New Channel 103 Breakfast from 7am to 9am.

?This is not a simple cosmetic change to the radio station, this really will be a new sound for Jersey? said The All New Channel 103?s managing director Linda Burnham. ?We?ve spent a lot of time researching local tastes, including talking to listeners, and potential listeners, about what they really want from their local radio station, and The All New Channel 103 is the result of that process?.

?The All New Channel 103 Breakfast is going to be a one-stop-shop for everything that?s happening in the island? said presenter Peter Mac. ?We?re going to be reporting live from different locations each day, featuring listeners? views on current issues, surprising people by visiting workplaces and schools, having loads of fun along the way and playing all the great music you need to get you going.?

Throughout the day, the brand new Street Team will be out and about at as many local events as they can physically attend, giving away goodies from The All New Channel 103 and asking people to sample the new radio station.

There will be a new lunchtime show presented out and about from a different location every day. From community centres to school f?tes, this is the show where listeners will take control, and even be able to dedicate songs to friends and family.

Local news coverage will be enhanced as part of the new sound, with extended coverage of local stories at peak times, and a brand new Sunday interview slot called The Sunday Roast where the week?s big newsmaker will be quizzed by journalists and listeners.

?It?s not just the politicians we want in the hot seat? said news editor Christina Ghidoni. ?Whoever?s making the news in Jersey and has a story to tell could be starring in The Sunday Roast. The news team really can?t wait!?

A number of new features are planned, including Listener Of The Day ? where a different listener?s life will be showcased right across a day, Class Of The Day – where schoolchildren will be able to take control of the airwaves, and The Street Team who will be reporting from big and small local events.

The new weekday line up looks like this:

5am Katy Ringsdore
7am Peter Mac and Katy Ringsdore
9am Robbie Donnelly
1pm Street Team
2pm Chris Halford
7pm Spencer Davies

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