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Jingles for your iPod from TM

TM Century of Dallas have officially launched iJingles.com, a website for non-broadcast clients to purchase world-class musical jingles for personal use.

iJingles are fully sung and produced in TM Century?s Dallas studios for $225 each (around 120 pounds). They can be customized and sung for use by internet-only broadcasters, club/mobile DJs, and for personal events such as birthday parties, holiday greetings, and wedding videos.

Jingle enthusiasts will find jingles and themes on iJingles.com that TM Century originally created for use on the airwaves and satellite networks around the world. Shouts, chants, and whispers are also available for $50 each online. After an iJingle is produced, it is delivered via email to the client.

Sean Martin, Managing Partner of iJingles, says ?This is the ?i?-generation and it?s exciting to have a new market for a traditional, trusted product where there?s clearly enormous potential. iJingles has a catalogue of 4 decades worth of magical, musical branding from one of the most respected names in the jingle business. It?s going to be a lot of fun!?

David Graupner, President and CEO of TM Century, says, ? With the explosion of iPods and other similar devices, the marketplace for personal jingles has exploded. We look forward to tapping into the fast growing market.?

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