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Mini theatre for SBES 2006

Broadcast Bionics is bringing a fresh approach to their presence at the SBES this year.

The Bionics brand, synonymous with forward thinking and innovative ideas (Queen?s Award winners in the category of Innovation 2005 for PhoneBOX) will be offering the Sound Broadcasting Equipment Show delegates a series of free of charge seminars in their specially commissioned lecture theatre to introduce the tools and technologies which will shape the future of the industry.

Leading industry figures will reveal new and exciting concepts during 45 minute lectures which will include a 15 minute question and answer session allowing delegates to explore subjects further. The line up includes BT, Digigram, Audio TX, GCAP Media and Ofcom. The Broadcast Bionics FutureZone is committed to introducing forward thinking concepts in an unbiased and sales-free environment.

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