All Out win BBC commissions

Multi-award winning radio indie All Out Productions has received its biggest-ever set of commissions from BBC Radio 4 – twelve programmes totalling nearly seven hours of programming. All programmes will be aired in 2007.

David Cook, co-founder of All Out Productions told "This set of commissions reinforces our really strong relationship with BBC Radio 4. Our past Radio 4 programmes have attracted some of the highest accolades in the field, and we hope that these will deserve just as much attention."

The commissions include:

> Sporting Chance which remembers the Manchester Commonwealth games and observes how we can learn from them in the run up to the Olympics.

> Open Source which follows a group of global network enthusiasts that are threatening Microsoft?s monopoly, with free community created software.

> Sterilised Nation which addresses the abuse of sterilisation abuse in indigenous and immigrant populations

> Pleistocene Park which recounts Adam Fowler?s trip to Siberia to see the lost world of the ice age.

> Paradise Lost: The Story Of The Chagos Islands which follows the Chagos Islanders during the final stage of their 50-year fight to return to their Indian island homeland.

> Balkan Beats, a study of the effects of music with political motives that is still causing conflict in Serbia after the war.

> From Berkeley to the Bronx: Roger Linn?s Drum Machines which looks at the birth of the drum machine and how its creator became one of the most important people in popular music.

> A Telephone and Rubber Band which marks the 10th anniversary of the death of band leader Simon Jeffes, by assessing the impact of the music of the Penguin Caf? Orchestra.

> Letters Home which uses letters and sound clips to tell the story of five migrants as they try to build a new life in England.

> The Boys From the Bush which tells the story of the former guerrilla fighters for Mugabe from Zimbabwe, who came to England during the ?world music? movement and even supported Madonna at Wembley.

The programmes were commissioned by Andrew Caspari, Jane Ellison and Caroline Raphael for BBC Radio 4.

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