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Bam Bam is back online

The duo which gave Emap the biggest fine ever in UK radio are back with a daily show – but this time uncencored and online.

Peter Poulton and Streetboy will host Bam Bam Daily each night and have it ready for download from 5am the next morning. And you too can be part of the show, as long as you are willing to pay one pound fifty per week to hear it. The show is typically around 30 minutes long.

On the first show, Bam Bam has many jingles with swear words, and is not afraid to be foul-mouthed. “Radio that we cannot put on the radio because the Radio Police would kill us and we would be off before we knew it.”

“.. And the radio police can do f***ing zero about it!”

Visit theshow.com for all the info.

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