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Four apply for Preston licence

Four groups have applied to Ofcom to run the new commercial radio station for Preston, Leyland and Chorley. They are Central Lancashire Radio, plcfm, Proud FM and UFM. All applicants propose a local service broadcasting local news and familar music from the last 5 decades.

Two of the applicants have operated RSL broadcasts in the area, Central Lancashire Radio (in the Chorley area) and plcfm (formerly known known as Ribble FM in Preston).

The applicants in full are:

Central Lancashire Radio – A genuinely local radio station for 35 to 64 year olds, focused on Preston and the surrounding area, with significant speech content such as local news, interviews and community information forming an essential part of the output.

Plc FM – A locally-focused, full-service, music and information station primarily aimed at adults aged 25-64 living throughout the Preston, Leyland and Chorley area.

Proud FM – A local speech and music station for Preston and the surrounding area, featuring local news, information and community-orientated programming and a broad, varied and engaging mix of music from the 1960?s to today.

UFM – UFM will target an audience with an age range of between 25 and 55 and will be a music and information service with a particularly local feel.

Applications can now be read online at this address.

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