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RSL station failed to log

Féile FM, a Restricted Service Licence in Belfast attracted a complaint from a listener when one of the presenters said the word "f'ing" on the radio during daytime hours. But because the station could not provide a recording, Ofcom found the station in breach of its licence to record all output of the station for 42 days.

The station was unable to provide Ofcom with a copy of the broadcast as it had experienced problems with its logging system. Nevertheless they had spoken to the presenter who confirmed that he had used the phrase "f’ing" and not the complete word. The broadcaster wished to apologise for any offence this may have caused listeners.

In the absence of a recording Ofcom were unable to consider the complaint. It is a condition of a radio broadcaster’s licence that it retains recordings of its output for 42 days, and provides Ofcom with any material on request. Failure to supply the recording from 31 July 2006 is a serious and significant breach of Féile FM’s licence, which will be held on Ofcom records.

The station was in breach of Condition 8 of its Licence. (Retention and production of recordings).

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