Virgin Radio unveils big star

Virgin Radio has put an end to speculation about what its Big Star station promotion is all about. Christian O’Connell revealed this morning that the Big Star will be a 20ft x 20ft Perspex Virgin Radio star hanging over Regent Street full of Virgin Radio cash. Listeners need to guess how much money is in it – to win the same amount in cash.

The autumn station promotion is supported by TV, outside and viral advertising and marketing. It will engage existing listeners and generate wider interest to increase the station’s reach by getting more people tuning in to Virgin Radio across the country for their chance to win.

The star is packed full with a secret amount of Virgin Radio Big Star cash, and will remain there until a lucky Virgin Radio listener guesses the exact figure correctly and wins the equivalent amount in hard cash. Listeners will be invited on-air every hour to guess the exact amount, with estimates logged on the new-look If after a week of guessing the prize hasn't been won then Virgin Radio DJ's will start to give clues on air.

The Virgin Radio Big Star will have 24/7 webcams trained on it so that it can be monitored at anytime, anywhere on Website VIP users will be able to control the webcams to zoom in and zoom out as they take part in the promotion, giving it a national appeal.

Virgin Radio Big Star cash is the same size and shape as real money but has no value. To ensure fair play a sealed envelope detailing the exact amount to be won in the star has been given to an independent third party to hold in safe custody. Only three people at Virgin Radio know the exact amount of cash in the Big Star.

“Just as we deliver our clients with great promotional campaigns, we’ve developed a really engaging concept in this radio first that will excite our listeners and draw even more people to the station,” said David Andrews, Marketing Director at Virgin Radio. “This is our most exciting ever station promotion and we’re expecting a massive listener response to grow both our reach and hours. Having the best radio talent like Christian fronting the ad campaign and promotion makes it all the better.”

“As far as stars go you don’t get much bigger than the Virgin Radio Big Star,” said Christian O’Connell. “I can’t believe someone’s going to win so much cash – even I don’t know what the exact amount is. I can’t wait for our listeners to get guessing!”

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